Nexus Experience

With a number of new Google edition phones out there with the so called “Nexus Experience” I thought being a new member of the Android family I would share my part of Nexus experience so far in the first few months. I had been an admirer of the iOS and wanted to own devices of Apple for a long time and my dream came true some time back 2 years when I laid my hands on my iPhone. So I had been an iOS user for close to 2 years and I wanted to add a new member to this family. I was in idea of buying a tablet and it was then that I was hearing awesome reviews of Nexus 10 over the internet. Being an Indian user I was not privileged to get it in India so I happened to make an order for the same from outside India. In the meantime my dad happened to get an iPad for himself and I got to use the same for close to one month and I was much overwhelmed with its usage. The choice of apps, games were perfect. The apps were just made for it and hence it was perfect and making the complete utilization of the screen, graphics and everything. So I was expecting the same from my Nexus 10. Finally I got my chance to lay my hands on Nexus 10 two months back. Its specs are awesome, Google apps work the best in the Nexus and there many plus points but the one thing and the one thing which I miss bad is the app market. The Android app market is not yet optimized for tablet and more to the worse the apps which are available too do not make use the awesome display of the Nexus 10.


But the media consumption is awesome in the device. With the front facing dual speakers it is highly ideal for watching videos and movies. The one other reason I chose Nexus 10 over iPad is that I don’t want to be constrained within the limited space provided by the device. With the MicroUSB-USB converter I am very much comfortable viewing contents from my external HDD on my device. Because the main reason for me going for a tablet was that I needed something like a laptop but more portable. I was not comfortable with the 7 inch tablets as it was too small to fit the purpose. Another plus point is the awesomeness of the Google apps in the device. The apps are among the few which are fully optimized and work seamlessly fine on the device. One thing I didn’t like in the latest update was that decision of Google to replace Google Talk with Hangouts. With the complete list of contacts whom I never contact with popping out of the screen makes me so uncomfortable to use the app. Wish Google could provide an option to completely turn of hangouts both in desktop and mobile versions.

Coming to the OS part I am happy that my first experience of Android is stock Android. I chose stock android for two  major reasons. Being an iOS user I have a mindset that I should get the OS updates right when they release it and not wait until the people who manufactured it/service provider to roll out the updates to me. I should say I like the flexibility the OS gives me. Customizing everything in and out is possible with stock android. But I am not a guy who wishes to go and customize everything out. The major plus of the OS is the seamless integration of Google content with the operating system. I use most of the services of Google and a vast amount of data of mine are present there which makes it superb experience.

With close to one year since its announcement this device is definitely going to disappoint its buyers in my opinion. When Google announces its next version in may be next six months it’s gonna be one hell of a spec and then by the time app developers start developing optimized games/apps it’s gonna be done with the new model in mind and once again it’s gonna fail in this device. And this is just my perception and may be the developers and Google can prove me wrong by providing it compatible for the devices. At some point of time I was even thinking of switching my mobile to an android. After this experience and looking into the other models(not the stock experience) I have decided that I am going to be a loyal user of Apple now in the mobile platform in the upcoming years. If not for a longer term at least am sure that my mobile will also be an iPhone. With my phone almost 3 versions old I am waiting to lay hands on probably the next release of iPhone.


Filling the void

I know this is really a long gap but off recently I feel like something is missing from my life. I was even considering of writing a diary off lately and then left it off as it didn’t seem an idea that good. Then while pondering over my college days blogging came intro my mind. So I decided to write again. This time its serious and I have set myself goals of at least a count of two posts per month going forward. I have learned and experienced a lot of things which I will be sharing with you guys. Some might be personal, some might be technical,some might be finance and how can I leave football here 🙂 . Personal finance was that one subject which I myself feel to have learned a lot in these three years of time. So guys wait up for my writing.

What’s all the fuzz about the Railway Budget?

Can you imagine that it has been ten years since the last time that Indian Railways had hiked its prices? So even from a common man point of view the rise in prices of train tickets is a welcome one. After all, all this money is going to go to the government which can be used in useful reform steps (if any) taken by the government. The very point that TMC itself is opposing the budget and had written to Manmohan Singh for the recall of minister and appointement of a replacement one shows how mean is the politicians. We should not forget that these are the same people in power who rose the petrol and diesel prices ‘n’ number of times from in the last couple of years. If u look at the below chart you will be able to find out that the prices have hiked up a lot in the last two years say nearly at least 40% increase.

If the politicians are really concerned about the people who are in the lower end of the poverty line then they shouldn’t have actually done this in the first place. And the central government really took no step towards the reduction of bus fares in each of the states which are run by the state governments. They come up with their usual statement like it is the state policy and only the state government needs to deal with it. If that is the case what is the need of a central government in place which should actually have the control over the state governments. I am actually surprised by the fact that Manmohan Singh was too quick to react to the situation (normally being a silent actor in most of the country’s actions. I doubt many a times who is the actual Prime Minister of the countryJ). The proposal given by Trivedi is actually convincing and not to affect too much of the people. The people who are opposing are the oldage ones who just cannot wait to land their hands upon their powers. I think it is high time that we people take some steps in the forthcoming elections and restrict these stupid guys to take charge of

Is it going to be United without Rooney or Rooney without United

After confirmation yesterday from the pre match press conference by the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson it has become evident that the English star Wayne Rooney wants a way out of the club and is not willing to sign a new deal with the current club which is a really sad news for the United supporters. In his interview SAF has indicated that Rooney was reluctant to sign an offer which they provided pre World Cup and so it has nothing to do with the current situation in the country and he has made his mind long way back. Is it going to be United or Rooney who is going to miss the service of the alternative? Surely from the current situation it is going to be Manchester United who is going to miss his services badly in the immediate feature. As per SAF no player is irreplacable and as time moves on United will be able to find a player even though not of Rooney’s calibre, someone who can guide the team to victory. I am quite surprised by the interview of SAF. He is not much emotional when it comes to fight with players and in his 24 years of service I have never seen him plead any player to stay at the club not even when Ronaldo went off(Was it the confidence that Rooney was staying behind). There are only two reasons for SAF giving such and interview. On seeing the interview it felt like that both of them had more or like a father son relationship and now that Rooney has grown old to oppose his own dad. There are only two reasons for SAF giving such and interview.

  • He gives a public stunt and shows himself as a hero leaving it to the public to persuade Rooney to remain at the club after all his efforts went out in wain.
  • The alternate reason is that he has found out that his end days are not too far and now to find a new talent, brew him up and then make him shine is impossible as days are too near for his retirement. He didnt give a damn when he was to show the doors to Paul Ince, Stam, David Beckham and Nistelrooy. And he was successfull in finding replacements too. With Ronaldo for Beckham and Rooney for Nistelrooy his replacements only did better than his formers.

Wayne Rooney has stated that the club is not ambitious and he has stated that as a reason for his departure. The new club which Rooney joins may be more ambitious than United and he may win a lot of trophies and glory but one thing is not sure in the club and that is the love and affection shown by the fans. The club has stood behind him in all cases whenever he wanted and it is also ready to stand behind him now. He was brought here as an eighteen year old from Everton right after the Euro. He has been fed and brought up with all the qualities of good football in the turfs of Old Trafford. There has been a lot of sleepless nights working out hard in that pitch to come to this place. He could have exited out of United well in 2006 itself when there had to be a friendly duel between him and Ronaldo. How many of you would have dreamt that both of them would be playing together that too in England and win three trophies in a row and not to forget two consecutive european finals(won and lost a piece each).

What other Managers Say


He belongs to Manchester United. He belongs to Old Trafford. If at the end of the day Manchester United decide he wants to leave, give me a call. I like him, I like Sir Alex. I think the best thing for him is to stay there for life. He will stay at Old Trafford for sure.

Sure Mourinho wants Rooney on the team. But with the statement given out by the player himself to be out of the club has made Mourinho make a statement like this so that this will devalue him and then put him into the squad. Another tactic may be that Manchester United is possibly the next destination of Mourinho after SAF retires. So he doesn’t want to see the best player in the team go out and rather than try to persuade him to join back again after he returns to Old Trafford.

Arsene Wenger

Has somebody opened the transfer window? We are not in the transfer market at the moment and we are not interested in buying anybody. We have plenty of players. It’s a story I’m happy to read in the newspapers but I’m happy to keep out of it. That means we are not buying anybody, we have enough strikers

It is weel evident that Wenger is not a big spender in the transfer market and even though Rooney is available for a move he couldn’t offord that to take place. Such is the frustation in his talk where he asks people to focus on football rather than on such talks outside the pitch.

Harry Redknapp

I’m going to speak to my chairman to see if we can get Rooney to Tottenham but I doubt very much whether that will happen. These things need to come out into the open sometimes. The game belongs to the people and the people should know what happens more in football

Pep Guardiola

He is one of the greatest players in the world as there are very few players with his qualities. He’s a player I admire very much.

Rooney is headed towards….


Most probably the destination would be Real Madrid. There are a lot of reasons why he is gonna go there. They are the one who have money, they are the one who have Cristiano Ronaldo, they are the one who have Mourinho and most clearly they are the one who have ambition and the thirst to win trophies. Mourinho has been a great fan of Rooney right from when he had his spell in England at Chelsea. Till now he has been  playing against him and this is the chance in which he can make Rooney play for his team. Rooney can easily fit into the formation of Real Madrid which is currently lacking a world class central forward. Seeing the predicted line up they will be providing the best attack in the world though their defense is a kind of worry. But as Mourinho has proved in his previous teams in a couple of years he is sure to mend this defense and make it good like that of Chelsea and Inter. The versatility of the players will make Ronaldo, Rooney and Kaka to switch positions among themselves and make nights difficult for the opponents.

Rooney in Madrid


Real Madrid will be getting tough fight from their counterparts Barcelona for the bid to Rooney. Rooney is well known for some creative play and with the departures of Henry and Eto and the failure of Ibrahimovic, Rooney could well be the missing piece to the complete solution in Barcelona. Ronaldo rose to glory in presence and help from Rooney, think of what heights Messi could achieve if Rooney provides the same support to him coming here. The drawback with Barcelona is that they have won all the trophies at stake and they are not that ambitious to win a title. They are not ready to change their gameplay after it is starting to make them look a bit dull than the team that won six trophies in one season.

Rooney in Barca


Chelsea doesn’t really need Rooney at the moment as they seem to be dominating English football right from the time when Mourinho managed things in Stamford Bridge. But they are not able to shine in European competitions and the addtion of a proven player in European competition, Wayne Rooney can answer all the woes. As of Manchester City they are of much need of players no matter what value tag the player has. So this will be a chance to boost up their squad and at present they are the only club who can afford the amount of money United asks. Also they will be of special interest in stealing the player from their rivals after they did the same with Tevez and it won’t be a surprise to see Rooney in a poster as below.

Rooney Welcoming to Manchester


Though there may be a lot of options for Rooney there are only two candidates who really have a chance of making the move happen. With the squad almost enough and just to show the money power Abrahamovic wont be making a try to sign the player and so Chelsea are out of the race. With a reported amount of 470m debt announced last week Barcelona cannot afford this much big money(United will be demanding more on their asset even though the break out clause for Rooney is as low as 7m). So the remaining candidates are Real Madrid and Manchester City. Real Madrid have the upper edge in the fight because of Ronaldo. He can persuade Rooney to join him and live back the glory years both of them did during their reign at Manchester United. Rooney can be easily tempted with this. Manchester City are trying to build a good squad and Rooney can be a valuable addition but i dont think he will be just crossing city to make a move and lose all the respect and love he had earned among the United fans in the past six years. So REAL MADRID seems a possible destination for the English Striker.

Sign Sin

Sorry viewers for the long long gap in my posting. I wouldn’t say that I was very busy but the reason for the delay in blogging was none other than my laziness. I will see to it that this incident will not repeat again. For the information of the readers I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in first class (It has to be noted that if a person passes the exams he is given a first class). I have been totally jobless over the last two months after the completion of my examinations. This incident of my school time came to my mind while I was pondering over the happenings in my life so far. I think most of the people out here would have faked the signature of someone in their life which is most likely to be their dad or mother (for the sake of school in progress reports) and I am no exception to this case. This incident happened in my fifth standard and the name of the teacher was Hemalatha (if I am correct). She was my science teacher at the time and she had asked my parents to come and meet her for some mischievous activity of mine which I do not remember now. My dad was strict and he didn’t like this kind of activities so I feared a lot about the consequences I was about to face. It was about the end of the academic year and this made me think of an idea. The idea was that if I could manage a month or so without letting my parents meet the teacher, she would forget it in the new academic year. So I kept giving lame excuses for my parents not able to come. She started doubting whether I had informed the parents about the issue and so she wrote the issue in my school diary and asked me to get signature from my dad. I didn’t know what to do as if I got caught I would be smashed to death for two reasons (one the real one and the other for lying). Here too I thought criminally (:P) and faked my dad’s signature with a little help from a carbon paper (there was no trace of the use of a carbon paper.. such was the care I took for faking the sign). The next day I showed it to my teacher although she wasn’t fully convinced that it was dad’s signature she could do nothing about it. Thanks to the underdevelopment of scientific technologies in those days (since no mobile phones where there it wasn’t that easy to communicate with parents as of now). Eventually I won as the academic year came to an end and I solved off the matter without my parents knowing about it. To my surprise the teacher wasn’t present in the school in the following academic year and I heard that she had switched her job. I was happy at that moment but I had some guilt in my later years. I just couldn’t figure out from where I got the guts to fake my dad’s signature as it was those days in which I used to get beatings for not getting first rank (the situation completely changed after reaching college as I even got arrears in my degree).

Living Back Memories Part II

Even before entering the department in the second i.e. before the end of the first year I got famous among a couple of staffs( thanks to my friend because of whom I got involved in the matter which has no connection to me. I wasn’t able to make a good impression of myself on them and I also didn’t care about that much).

Atlast I too became a senior and entered the second year with a lot of anxiety to rag the juniors who will be coming to the college. But then came the big blow to us. We would have hardly ragged our juniors for about a week when the rules of our college( I was aware that even my college  had rules only at that time)  got stricter and they started suspending guys for even speaking with juniors( Suspension is a no big matter as most of the time students bunk the classes). That’s the end of ragging in SSN and I can assure you that there isn’t ragging now in SSN and even if it is there it is of the mildest form and I can gaurantee you that. Because of this the gap between us and the juniors came and it didnt matter as we were close with our seniors.

As I have already mentioned in the blog it was during the start of the third semester that I bought my new computer and I was enjoying life to its core. Of all the semesters I would tell that I enjoyed the most in the third semester. Not to forget the birthday parties and the symposiums of other colleges we attended(notable one for me was SRM as I went through a couple of rounds. Also won’t forget it because I got scoldings from my friend for not seeing her goin to her college but it was fate and had nothing to do with me). It was in the second year that I got involved in the symposiums and culturals( obviously gaming than no coding matters). I was amazed at the crowd that came for PARADIGM 07. Hats off to the organizers to make it the best among the best that had happened so far. Had some bad moments too in the fourth semester and it was at that I concentrated fully on computers and started spending 24*7 on my PC. That made me more lazy and started bunking whole day classes. In my first year I would go to college daily and bunk a couple of periods daily. This improved in the second year as I started to bunk atleast one full day apart from the individual periods a week. Still my internals was average and I managed to get through the papers easily. Everything went on fine for me till my second year when the unexpected twist came in the third year. To be continued..

Living Back Memories- Part I

I just can’t believe that I have reached the end of my college life this quick. It has been a very fast four years and I have experienced quite a lot of new experiences in my life and I can tell clearly that SSN and Chennai has taught me the life to live in the world.

I can still remember the first day when my mom and dad left me in the hostel. I cannot describe that feeling. I have certain fears about the ragging that usually happens in colleges and also was excited a bit about being alone which gives a maturedness to a person and also some worry because that I am leaving my mother. I dont know how many of you readers will be believing me if i said that I was crying alone that I missed my mother in my late nights for almost one month since I entered the college( The state is totally different in these days though) . I entered the hostel on one nice Friday and for the two days which was weekend there was no ragging in hostel and I was quite surprised by the discipline of the fellow seniors and thought that the college would be strict and that is the reason for all those things. But I was wrong, everything was so only for the first weekend and things got into existence and the so called ragging started out. Ragging went on through the whole first semester atleast till all the seniors have seen our faces. At first I didnt like it but as time went on I started liking it and was also happy that all these things happened. Because of this most of the seniors because very close to me( ore ponna sight adikura alavukku close agitom). Of all the ragging that took place the one I would want to share is the one done by my school senior who asked me to act like Vijaykanth( really a tough one). The other ones were normal like what school have you been, how many gfs you have(obviously I had none then. ippa kooda rombha kammi than) and some more questions which cannot be revealed in public(:P). Another important thing that all would ask to do is to sing and dance. I am right now laughing at the moment while typing this thinking of how the hell I have sung and danced in first year( atha patha seniors evalavu paavamnu ippa than thonuthu).

It was after coming to college that I became somewhat bolder and mingled with people easily. It was this Chennai and my age that made me speak to girls. I don’t speak much (speak very rarely) to girls at school( Planning to do a post on this one too in the near future). Enakunnu pathu I had a girl as my lab partner in my first semester that too one from Kovilpatti( her name was Kavitha from EEE). Had very normal talks with her and contact with her broke right before the end of the first semester( Nambungapa enakku serious ah apa kadala poda theriyathu). The one thing which made me happy in the college life was my mobile. I was given a mobile by my dad so that I can speak with my home everyday but I enjoyed a lot texting messages and browsing internet via GPRS in my mobile( that was my only timepass throughout my first year). Then came the cricket tournament in the hostel and it brought some interaction within our fellow year people and we used to practice vigorously for the event. Although we lost the tournament in the first round I liked the unity that existed among the guys and that led to many of my existing friendships.

It was here in first year that I started learning things such as bunking classes, watching movies(mokka movies) and many more. It was my friend Joseph Prashanth who taught me the art of bunking classes. But he is a rogue as he has good name with all the staffs and no one complaints when he bunks the classes. Another unforgettable incident in first year is that once we friends all went to the super duper hit movie of Aathi and it was too late that we didn’t get transport service to return from Kelambakkam to my college and it was around 5km distance and hence we had no other option than walking all the way to the college. It was around 12 in the night and was quite a strange experience. I hadn’t had another chance to do so. The former part of the first year I was much sincere and used to study atleast once a week but the latter part was the seed for what I am today, and that can be clearly seen from the graph of my marks obtained in the university exams.

Even one of my staffs made fun of me with my marks in my third year but I did not seem to care about it. First year was the most enjoyed year in my college life and I would love to relive it as the seniors present at that time were also brilliant and at the same time enjoyed life to the most. Many more to come in the life at SSN and one post is obviously not enough to meet it so this will be continued in the consequent posts.